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Our Easiest to Use Foam-in-Bag System Yet

Our Easiest to Use Foam-in-Bag System Yet

Our Easiest to Use Foam-in-Bag System Yet

Introducing the Instapak Simple foam-in-bag packaging system. This system merges the premium performance of foam-in-bag packaging with an on-demand delivery system that requires minimal training and service.

Simply Superior Features

  • Powered through a standard 110V electrical outlet
  • Pre-set push button operation
  • Small 2.5 gallon material bottles snap into place
  • Designed to require minimal service
  • Compact, mobile platform

No Mess, No Fuss
In addition to being easy to use, the Simple system is virtually mess-free. All foam components and materials are self-contained at all times, eliminating clean up concerns. Packagers are assured consistent, pre-determined packaging material every time.

Our Easiest to Use Foam-in-Bag System Yet

Minimal Investment
The Simple system utilizes new foam mixing technology that eliminates pumps and heating elements that larger volume systems require. Foam components are delivered in practical containers, reducing the need to buy and store materials in bulk.

Reduce Materials
Just-in-time foam-in-bag packaging expands on site and ensures the right amount of material is used every time, eliminating excess packaging.

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