Liquid Foam Packaging & InstaPak Foam-In-Place Packaging

Model 900 & Model 901 Instapak Foam Systems

These all-electric packaging systems feature electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic tools. The InstaPak Model 900 is suited for small to medium operations, while the InstaPak Model 901 is ideal for larger environments.

Foam-in-Place: A simple cushioning or blocking and bracing process for a variety of items with changing shapes and sizes.

1. Instapak foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength Instamate film.

2. The Instamate film is folded over and the product is placed on the rising foam.

3. A second sheet of Instamate film is placed over the product and more Instapak foam is dispensed.

4. Your customer receives your product undamaged.

1. A simple wood mold is used to produce the desired cushion shape.

2. Instamate film is placed into the mold and Instapak foam is dispensed.

3. Your product is packaged safely in custom-shaped, engineered cushions.

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