Automated Foam-in-Bag System

Superior Protection for High Volume Applications

Our Most Versatile System

For high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker Insight system.  Versatile and efficient, you can dedicate a system to one packaging line or serve multiple lines with one system.  With the touch of a button, the SpeedyPacker Insight can produce up to 21 Instapak foam cushions per minute, increasing the productivity of your operation.

Save Valuable Floor Space

With an expansion rate of up to 280 times its liquid volume, Instapak foam delivers significant savings in storage space and material handling costs compared to traditional packaging materials.

Flexible Bag Sizes

The versatile industrial grade touch screen display lets the operator select optimum bag size and foam combinations to provide fast, secure protection for a wide variety of items.  Nearly limitless cushion combination options available, including Continuous Foam Tubes (CFT’s).

Foam-in-Bag Cushioning

For high speed, custom-fit cushioning or heavy duty blocking and bracing applications, nothing protects products better than Instapak® foam-in-bag packaging.

Continuous Foam Tubes

Flexible Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) can be used to provide a base cushion or full wrap around. Insert blank film spaces between tubes to provide Instapak® protection only where needed.

SpeedyPacker Foam Packaging

Combine foam-filled bags and Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) to create cushions for your most demanding packaging assignments.

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